Inclusive Communities

Early Connections works closely with families
to support their child’s inclusion.

Inclusive Communities

Children benefit from being in inclusive communities particularly in early education and care settings. Early Connections works closely with families to support their child’s inclusion. Inclusion is important in the early years so that children can develop relationships and have meaningful participation in all types of daily activities.

We place the inclusion of children within their local community as a core component of the Early Connections Alliance. In 2018, the Early Connections Alliance was selected and featured in the Early Childhood Intervention Australia Cases For Change’ resource promoting Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention. The resource highlighted the important work we are doing in the areas of  Inclusion, Teamwork and Universal Principles of family centred and strengths based practice, and culturally responsive practice.

When children are included you will see them:
● Feel safe and valued
● Be encouraged to do things on their own
● Be supported to contribute
● Make their own choices
● Play with their friends
● Have opportunities to learn new things
● Participate alongside their same age typically developing peers

Resources about inclusion

Click the image to download or view these resources and reports with more information about current best practice on early childhood intervention.

National Action Plan Disability and Developmental Delay

Reimagine Early Childhood Action Plan

Early Childhood Australia and ECIA Joint Statement

Joint statement on the inclusion of children
with disability. 

ECIA National Guidelines

National Guidelines
Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention 

A Parents Guide To Early Childhood Intervention

A parents guide to Early Childhood Intervention

Early Connections delivers a range of evidence-based developmental supports, education and therapies for children and families. We know that supporting the whole child, and their whole family is a critical element of working effectively with families.

Working in partnership and building strong connections with families creates opportunities for meaningful participation and inclusion in the community. We support families to have a strong sense of wellbeing, feel empowered and equipped to support their child.

We support families to build a team around each child with a focus on building the families’ capacity. We work with families to individualise developmental and therapeutic supports that suits the child and family in their everyday lives.

Giving children and families developmental support in the early years is important to achieve the best opportunity for children to learn, grow and thrive. Best Practice Early Childhood Intervention and Developmental Care is founded on four pillars:

Early Connections Accept Difference1


Family centred and strengths based practice and culturally responsive practice. Recognising the central role family plays in a child’s life, all families are encouraged to be included and contribute to a child’s learning and development.


Collaborative teamwork and capacity building practice. Professionals and families work together as a collaborative team to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individuals who will spend the most time with the child.


Inclusive practice and engaging the child in natural environments. All children, regardless of needs, have the right to participate fully in all aspects of life. Children should be included in natural learning environments such as daily routines, at home, and in the community.
Universal Principles

Universal Principles

Our team works around evidence and outcome based approaches. Early childhood professionals provide services that are grounded in research and clinical reasoning to offer the best support for your child and family.

Accept Difference and Early Connections were Finalists in the Disability Industry Innovation Awards 2017  and the ECIA Excellence Awards  2017. The Excellence Awards acknowledge organisations who demonstrate excellence, passion, vision and a commitment to assisting children with developmental delay or disability and their families to achieve their goals. 

“We’re delighted the campaign shines a light on understanding disabilities and inclusive communities. Early intervention is crucial but inclusive communities throughout a persons life are essential, we need to look beyond the early years.” 

Accept Difference

Understanding Disability and Inclusion

The Accept Difference Campaign (2016) promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in our community on the NSW Mid North Coast.

All activities that make up our day-to-day lives should be available to anyone, no matter what their needs might be. An inclusive mindset accepts that this might mean having to find solutions to meet the needs of others in all situations: business, education and the community.

Accept Difference is a social awareness campaign based on a family’s experience. The campaign focused on promoting positive personal stories and examples of inclusion.

The television commercial received 8.5 million views online and has been translated into several languages.

Acceptance leads to improved and vibrant community connections for all.

#AcceptDifference #SupportConnections

Your child your family and early childhood intervention: Family Perspectives

“Family centred practice is the cornerstone of early childhood intervention. A family should feel like they are an intimate part of their services for their child.”

Family centred practice means understanding the uniqueness of each family. This means that the professionals that you work with are responsive to your  cultural and social background. 

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