A Registered NDIS Provider

for children 0 to 12 years old*


*Not all sites provide NDIS supports and services for children over 7. Please check with your local service. 


Are you eligible for the NDIS?

If you have an approved NDIS plan, please contact us so that we can talk with you about how to get started. Speak to Early Connections on 02 6583 8238 or visit the NDIS access checklist.

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Apply for the NDIS

Children aged 0-9:

Contact your local NDIS ECEI Provider who will assist you to apply for NDIS services.

Children ages 9+:

You need to apply directly to the NDIA by calling
1800 800 110 or visiting your local NDIA office.


Approved for the NDIS

Children aged 0-9:

You will be contacted by an NDIS ECEI Provider to take part in a planning meeting and create a plan. Your NDIS plan is submitted to the NDIA for approval.

Children ages 9+:

You will be contacted by the NDIA to take part in a planning meeting and create a plan, which is then submitted for approval. When your NDIS plan is approved, you will receive a funding package and can seek services relevant to the goals and budgets within the plan.

Early Connections Sisters

Coffs Harbour currently provides supports for 0-7 years only.

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You have an NDIS Plan - what next?

You have the option to go to a local Early Childhood Intervention provider of your choice. Early Connections is happy to discuss the services we can offer you.
We build a team around your child to give your family the support you need early to maximise your child’s potential.

We work in a number of ways following ECI Best Practice Guidelines to best suit your child’s needs. We offer individualised sessions for you and your child to help your child learn, grow and thrive.