Winter Aquatic Therapy Sessions with Occupational Therapist 

Join Early Connections Winter Aquatic Therapy Sessions led by our Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistants. All our instructors are Autism Swim approved.

The aquatic therapy sessions are not swimming lessons but are provided by an Occupational Therapy Assistant or Occupational Therapist to build skills, safety and confidence in a water environment.

You can pay for aquatic therapy sessions using your NDIS therapy funding due to them being provided by qualified/experienced therapists/therapy assistants.  Sessions are run one-to-one so that the session is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs/skills. Often clients use part of their OT allocation funds for aquatic therapy, therefore a portion of their total OT is used for aquatic therapy.

Dive into the benefits for your child:

  • Safe entry and exit practice
  • Water familiarity (tolerance of water, ability to put eyes under water)
  • Breath control (ability to hold breath and blow bubbles under water)
  • Front and back floating
  • Propulsion to exit (ability to move self in the water in order to exit water bodies safely).

About the pool

The pool is enclosed via industrial café blinds, therefore has the versatility of being both an indoor and outdoor pool. This gives us the opportunity to continue sessions over Winter as we are able to heat the pool and keep the space warm during the colder months.

Make a splash this winter with Early Connections Aquatic Therapy

Currently we are offering the following sessions:
  • Fridays 9am to 2pm (ongoing starting Friday 23 June 2023)
  • One block in the holidays where participants can attend a session daily or just for one session one day
  • Holiday dates available 4th July, 5th July and 6th July. Sessions run all day.

Limited spots available!

  • Register today by emailing
  • Early Connections: (02) 6583 8238