The Australian Childhood Foundation has some wonderful resources for parents and families.

They work to share knowledge in practical and evidence-based ways that support children and young people. Their training, tools and resources draw on the Foundation’s 30 year history working with children and young people, as well as working with leading thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, trauma and safeguarding.

The Chatterbox Connection is a game to encourage and explore connection.

This chatterbox game invites us to play and learn more about each other. One person operates the chatterbox, while the other takes a turn at choosing from its options to make their way to the centre of the folded paper which has activity ideas to choose from.

How to Use a Chatterbox:

  • The Chatterbox operator holds the chatterbox on thumbs and fingers.
  • The player chooses from the four outside sides,then the chatterbox operator spells out their choice while moving the parts of the chatterbox.
  • The player chooses a number from the four inner numbers, then the chatterbox operator counts out the number, moving the chatterbox again.
  • The player chooses a number again and the chatterbox operator opens out the flap with the chosen number on it.
  • The player chooses from two activity prompts written beneath the chosen number.
  • Swap and repeat. Different choices will lead to different activity options in the centre.

Thanks to the Australian Childhood Foundation for this great resource. You can visit their website for more activities and resources. 

Chatterbox Resource

Download the Origami Chatterbox Australian Childhood Foundation