My name is Ellen, I am the Treasurer of Early Connections – Coffs Coast Volunteer Management Committee & also Mum to my gorgeous son Billy who is six years old and has a rare genetic condition.

I have been involved as a Client of Early Connections since 2019 and as a member of the Volunteer Management Committee since 2020. I am writing to you because we need more volunteers to sit on the Early Connections Coffs Coast Volunteer Management Committee and my experience has been so wonderful I am asking other parents to consider volunteering.

I know how busy young families are but volunteering with the Management Committee has afforded me so many wonderful opportunities:

  • The time contribution is minimal (1 meeting a month, held in the evenings)
  • Professional and Personal development opportunities from sitting on a Management Committee
  • The opportunity to network and collaborate with like minded individuals
  • A sense of personal satisfaction by giving back to the Coffs Harbour community and the wonderful team at Early Connections
  • A deeper understanding of how Early Connections operates

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee and would like more information please contact Caryn or Stacey on 66528080