Early Connections Kempsey Manager Debbie Fraser recently retired after an amazing 23 years of supporting children and families in the Kempsey region. 

Debbie brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an Early Childhood Special Educator. Her career in the early childhood sector spanned over 30 years, making her an invaluable asset to the Early Connections Alliance on the Mid North Coast.  

Reflecting on Debbie’s leadership, the Kempsey team shared the following messages of thanks:

“Debbie Fraser has been the most supportive, inspiring and empowering manager who has helped me transition into a role I love and the family that is Early Connection Kempsey. I will always be grateful to have worked with such a kind, caring and beautiful person.” 

“I could not have asked for a more caring and supportive mentor to have been under the wing of. Debbie has been the most inspiring and kind hearted member of our Early Connections Family. Her passion, commitment, and dedication she showed to not only her role but also our team is at uttermost amazing. We will miss her, but we wish her all the best with her adventures.” 

“There are no words to express the impact that Debbie has had on not just Early Connections Kempsey, but the Kempsey Community and families as a whole. Debbie has been an integral part of driving Early Intervention within the Kempsey Macleay shire over the past 23 years. Debbie has made wholesome connections within the community which will last a lifetime.” 

“Debbie has been a wonderful manager. The connections she has long established and maintained within our community have been vital in continuing to link therapists to those most vulnerable. The experience, knowledge and advice she has shared have been invaluable to me. I wish Debbie all the best for the future.”  

“Debbie has been extremely supportive and a genuinely caring individual during my time at ECK. She always has time for her staff and has been very flexible. She has shown great kindness and patience during her leadership. Her door was never closed to a colleague in need whether it was a professional challenge or a personal setback. Her knowledge of families and the local community has been very helpful. She was very dedicated to the job and did what she could to support our clients and families in the best way possible. Debbie’s genuine compassion and empathy created a supportive atmosphere that extended beyond work matters, making us feel more like a family, which is why we are often referred to as the ECK family. Debbie has been an invaluable part of the ECK team for many years and will be greatly missed. It’s not goodbye but a huge Thanks and all the best!!”

Early Connections Alliance acknowledges and thanks Beth for her leadership, support of the Alliance and commitment to the Early Childhood Intervention Sector (ECI). Everyone at Early Connections extends our thanks to Debbie and wishes her all the best for her retirement.