Early Connections adopts the Key Worker Model for early childhood intervention for children aged 0-6 years. This approach provides personalised support and resources for families who have children with developmental delays or disabilities. 

NDIS National Disability Support Scheme 

The NDIS Key Worker Model gives children with developmental delays and disabilities the best possible start in life. It is the best practice Early Childhood Intervention model identified by the NDIS to support families. If you are eligible for the NDIS and would like to access Early Connections education, therapy and support contact your local team.  

A family centred approach 

The Key Worker model is family centred, this means the family is listened to and leads all supports being provided to their child and family. Regular communication and sharing of information between the Key Worker and the family helps to ensure that the family is involved in decision-making and goal setting for your child. 

The Key Worker is the primary point of contact between the family and the transdisciplinary team of early childhood professionals. They work with the family to develop goals and an individual plan for the child and they provide support and coaching to the family and other important people in the child’s life, to help the child learn and develop through their everyday activities. 

Support in a child’s natural environment 

The Key Worker also supports the child in their natural environment, whether it be at home, preschool or school, which is great because it ensures that the intervention is just a natural part of the child’s daily life. This is empowering for the family because they learn how to maximise everyday learning opportunities and advocate for their child’s needs. This ensures that the child is learning and developing through their everyday activities and routines, and that the intervention is included into their daily life. The Key Worker provides support and coaching to the family to maximise everyday learning opportunities and to promote the child’s development. 

A personalised approach 

One of the main benefits of the Key Worker Model is that it provides a personalised approach to early childhood intervention. The Key Worker works with the family to develop goals and an individual plan for the child, taking into consideration their unique strengths, challenges and interests. This personalised approach ensures that the child is receiving the most appropriate support and resources to meet their specific needs. 

Skills to advocate for your child 

In addition to supporting the child’s development, the Key Worker also works to empower the family by providing them with skills and knowledge to understand their rights and capacity to advocate for their child. This helps to ensure that the family is equipped to make informed decisions and to access the support and resources that their child needs.