Make a confident start to the 2019 school year with the new Early Connections Literacy Team.

Our therapists, reading tutors and psychologists support families with diagnosis, intervention and support. The Literacy Team is open to all children aged 4 – 12.

Speech Pathologist Mary Cameron said “We’ve delivered workshops to local schools and teachers aides to support evidence based reading instruction. Students who struggle need explicit instruction to break the code of reading. They need to be taught how letters represent speech sounds. Our tutors are all trained in Sounds Write and we look forward to helping more children to set them up for success.”

The Literacy Team will offer comprehensive assessments and interventions for children including individual and group literacy sessions to target specific needs.

If your child is experiencing difficulties or has been identified at school with specific learning difficulties the Early Connections team of experts can help.

Up to 20 percent of children will experience learning difficulties. This includes children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and Autism.

The new Early Connections service will support families with children aged 4 – 12 to lift literacy levels for all, regardless of diagnosis.

“Up to 50 per cent of children with ADHD will have coexisting learning difficulties. Dyslexia is the most common and results from a deficit in phonological processing at word level as well as difficulties in working memory, processing speed and oral language,” added Mary.

A recent report Lifting our game – A Review to achieve educational excellence in Australian schools through early childhood intervention revealed twenty two percent of children start school developmentally vulnerable. The report states “Children who start school behind stay behind so should get help earlier.”

Early Connections have helped families in the Hastings for over 25 years. Our team of early childhood intervention specialists is well positioned to expand current services to support children struggling with literacy.

Speech Pathology Association Australia strongly endorses the critical role of speech pathologists in prevention, identification and management of literacy difficulties in children, including children with complex communication needs.

The new Early Connections Literacy Team aims to lift the literacy skills of children in the Hastings.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your child’s needs.

** Please note as a new service you may be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available for your child. We aim to accommodate all families as soon as possible.